3 Irritating Mind Games Guys Play

Mind games stem from securities and fear of commitment because you’re afraid you caught god forbid….. feelings. We have all played them, intentional or not, but it does take a toll on someone’s confidence and future connections. Not to mention frustrating when you keep losing them!

Hot n’ Cold Game:

Girls aren’t the only ones that PMS and this game are proof that even guys have mood swings on the regular. Yesterday he was overly affectionate, sweet and considerate and you think he’s changed but its a trick!

For some reason they act as they are only capable of being lovey dovey one day out of the week and the other days, they resume to their inconsistent demeanor. One second he was hot, sweating all up on you during sexy time and then the next second it ‘s hard for him to make eye contact.

If you’re confrontational, then address this issue, but if thoroughly enjoy impulsive hookups then you’ll partake in this one!
Ghosting Game:

You’re not asking for a marriage proposal but merely a text back after your night together… but nothing. He seemed to be very talkative last night when he was saying all the right things but now he’s become mute? You’ve come to the conclusion that he was a pigment of your imagination because you haven’t received one text, snap, call or ‘like’ in weeks.

During the weeks up until he spontaneously hits you up, you’ve made a list of all possible reasons why he hasn’t reached out. The majority of the time you’re blaming yourself and highlighting all of your flaws, stemming from your insecurities.

The more time that passes, your anger within targets him and you’ve come to the conclusion you’ll just block him. Right before you follow through, he ends up giving you the attention and making plans to meet up. He doesn’t give an explanation, but you’re so thrown off that you foolishly fall into his trap.. again!

And that my friends are the psychotic cycle of dating and games that we have created to refrain from catching feelings.
Ego-Stroking Game:

Everyone needs a compliment thrown their way every once in a while but once it stops being reciprocated then its turned into a game. Once you realize the flattery is one-sided and you give more than you take, you’ve created a monster. The bigger the ego, the bigger the dick…. he has become!

Always needing validation gets old and if you’re not the slightest bit confident, it makes us question if we are dating a charity case. Own whatever flaws you may see in yourself and save the pity party for another decade because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Even us girls are guilty of starting these games but come on people! The only fun games include alcohol and sex; these are just a waste of time.

Check out the video below for more information!