Mind Games: Plays Girls Run to Pick up on Dudes

On a night out, guys arenít the only people running plays. When girls are out on the prowl ñ because believe it or not, girls wanna get laid too ñ we manage to be extremely strategic even while were hammered. Even after a couple too many vodka-crans girls still use simple strategy to pick up on dudes. Itís almost like itís engrained in our DNA. Without being taught girls innately know what games to play with their prey to make sure they get some attention. When a girl out, bent on getting laid, little will keep her from at least having a steamy make-out sesh on the dance floor. Girls, do you want to up your game? Guys, do you wonder why you end up going home with a girl even when you werenít planning on it. Hereís a list of some of the masterful games girls play with potential suitors on a night out:

1. The Vanishing Act

This is a classic play thatís usually pretty effective. The goal is to dangle yourself in front of a guy for a little while and just when he shows remote interest you vanish. The girl basically disappears into the crowd on dance floor or goes back and finds her friends. In her absence her target is left wondering where she went until she reappears right when he thinks all hope is lost.

This works really well with guys who’ve previously shown interest on previous nights, especially if he has her phone number. Iíve known girls who will pull this game on a guy and even leave the party or bar, only to get a text asking where she’s gone. As soon as the girl gets this kind of text that’s when she tells the guy where she is so that they can meet up and hopefully go back to either of their places to get it on.

2. Green with Jealousy

I myself run this play pretty often. This one works by making yourself known to your target and then gradually moving around the party and talking to other guys. The initial guy you talked to and showed a lot of interest in will suddenly wonder why you’ve stopped paying attention to them. That’s where you can get toxic masculinity to work in your favor. Your target will probably get super jealous and become eager to get you out of there so that you’re all his.

I find that this works really well at medium to large sized house parties where there’s a lot of conversation going on and drinking games. This allows you to bounce around and talk to a bunch of other guys while staying visible to your target.

3. Ignore Him

One of the best ways to get a guy to suddenly become infatuated with you is to ignore him a little. Look right through him, walk right past him, wave at someone behind him. But make sure heís watching. Make sure you strut your stuff and sport your best assets to draw his attention. Then start giving him a little attention. Make some eye contact while youíre talking to other people, brush past him and touch his arm. Youíll have him hooked in no time.

Once heís hooked all you have to do is talk to him for a little while. Heíll feel stoked that you chose him over everyone else in the room. Thatís when you make your move. Donít be afraid to be direct!